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I liked the idea of the project, the cast that Pavan had put together when he approached me, and the general vibe I sensed from people involved behind the scenes.

I was ready to take a leap into something different personally and creatively.

As we got closer to shooting though it became clear that we were going to be going pretty strictly off the script. The idea of filming in Colombia was appealing and I enjoyed working with a crew that was primarily from Ontario because that’s where I grew up.

It was surreal to be so far from home yet there was this feeling of being at home on set.

Wow, there are so many that I feel like I can almost remember each individual day.

Something that stands out is that for the scenes where we’re out partying in the town, we were actually out partying in the town.

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In fact I was instructed by Pavan not to look too closely at the script for fear that I would come to rely on it as a crutch. I love the idea of two best friends going through this struggle together, especially after meeting Luke because Luke is someone who, if we grew up together, I think we would have actually been friends.

I’ve never been a photographer at a destination wedding but when I was starting out in stand-up I did a lot of undesirable gigs so I could relate to that struggle.

I tried to play it as close to my own emotions and self as possible because that felt like the only way I could do it.

We arrived in Colombia 5 days before we started shooting and we would rehearse all day.

Then, once we started shooting we would meet in Pavan’s hotel room and rehearse for a couple of hours each night after we’d wrapped for the day.

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Our events cater for people of all ages who want to find new single friends, romance or just want to have an amazing night out with others who are also single.

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The guys are passive not because they’re genetically weak (they come from Viking stock for fuck’s sake), but because the environment encourages them with more bangs if they pretty much wait for pussy to fall onto their laps.

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O'Grady & Show as the lead characters share quite an electrical chemistry & the 2 are a great pair on screen.