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I have added some other things to it since, which my own observation directs me to, but which I believe you will allow to be in their degree just such as these : viz. is in haste: you mav be Bure he would be willing to have the inconveniences of conung and going tnus late over; and as 1011^89 sustnt? ^'^ "«' only professed a ffreat deal of affection, but chose her out t Vom therest • and you know she is the youngest (for I designed my eld- e t tor hun) and made her the'particular mis K of Ins choice, and, I verily believe, loved her very welf • & pn H^"" camiot deny but she had a Icindners for VJ-^ il'^eed he 18 a most lovely gentleman. fche has acted a noble part uideed • and th A more affection she really had for l.im, tfifmore of a Ciiristian she has sliown in her conduct. r^ j"u Wife 1 promise it shall never go out of my mouth without your leave. That a religious life is the only heaven upon earth. I At which the two eldest sahlli '''^''' '"'" '^' ^"S'v. told us the story of yesterday, I should rejoice ; nay, though I am loath to be cheated, and what he said of playing the hypo- crite with me, has made me the more backward to give credit to outsides ; yet, were I sure it was a real work of God in him, and that he was become a reli- gious gentleman, you know I have affection enough to rejoice on my own account, and to entertain him after another manner than before : but yet two things make it still remote from me : First, That I have no demonstration of the truth of the fact : and. ha Sm^ui^7ti'r; Tp:^^^^^^^^^ beini unequally yoked" '"""""S the miscluefs of her what reliif Ton she „., of" „, h /"""'P'™' '"' ludy, when she w L cour ed Van vtem L™ £"; d Me"er a"? coming out of Italv from thll ^u ^^^^^S^ person know what religion he wa o Vor XS he «f.''" .t^rr-n'ora^AVhtt'^'"''-''-"'^^^^^^^^^ jo Jtij^orrrrs^Xn-E^^^^^^^^ ti£,^i' i^*'" propose what I cannot so much as m^n was done in the world ' ^ ^^^ *^^"» — rteu IB J cuuaxu ; did iie not enter into a molt i 176 RELIGIOUS COURTSHIP. y surprised to hear him talk for nearly half an hour wholly upon that subject; you were not there just when he talked of it. He began with the mean- ing and nature of religion, how it consisted chiefly in natural duties, the effects of the knowledge and acknowledgment of God governing the world, to whom we owed the homage of our lives, and of all we enjoyed, and must account for the use or abuse of them . d iierself to tlie se was tins : the :8, and liked her, reatly perplexed mistress Lad ; he sr with the ques- yet he was not d-liaiid religion ;ther at my cou- there, and after ered into a dis- it last we began 'ly of religious irprised to hear lolly upon that ti he talked of it, n London that ippose. ' '^""^^ ^^ve dis^ showed her th St he w L a m L'S"^"^.'' P^«'"'y cipa felicity of his lifru Jo? ried afterwards a very sens jblp Ji^" ^"°^ ^« »"- woman, and they ar? and after dinner honest James takes up his g lofes to go to the quaker-meeting. ."' ' '^^ '"''" '^ ^^* ™«- This I found laid a fou T dation for some disputes about their principles ; but she wisely avoided that and I perceived it,^o I p St now A r f ' .^°? At that she burst out, though full of tears- Ay, says she, I would give him back my iointur; with all the tenderest expressions that he was capa- ble of, endeavoured to pacify her, and put an end tr finlfi MH., "^ ^^^^ ''"".^'^ "°^ ^*«P"t« about without rtnni? of; she is a very sober, religious woman, that serves God night an S day, with a sincerity and devotion, not easily to be found among women,as the world goes now ; ind I'll n}7u I^'^} grieves her, and what she complains of. but my father's conduct haa always itj a 134 RELIGIOUS COURTSHIP. made it double j because he cannot talk of it without resentment and unkindness : if it be really so, that this is the gentleman Mrs. ood humour in iligijus disputea i 175 Srb Shel'"' ' ^'^^ *^ »- *^« --t kind Of fa. Tlie case was this : the gen Weraan bad courted her some weeks, and liked her nav, loved her very well ; but was ereatlv perplexed to hnd out what taste of religion his mistress had ; he was loath to fall point-blank upon her with the ques- tion, just as you sre, and after supper her mother and he and I entered into a dis- course together of several ma^* -s ; at last we began to talk ot religion, and p alarly of religious matches, when we were agre. I was not there; I supped in London that night, and came xo you next day, I suppose. You did so ; but it would have pleased you to have heard him talk. ,79 t5o1f^'h,a'nttitt:at X/' ^^ "^ P«^^- of necessity of giving an a Snto? account of my opinions whe- buf llh Ko Wrir S '"'^ '^°«' I k"ow not ; liked such a p Sl Z h/f" "? It is true, they are ad- mired for their kind and pleasant way of living one with another ; and why is it, but because it is so sel- dom, so rare, so wonderful indeed, to find two of dif- ferent opinions agree so well, that all people v/onder at these two : and shall any young woman, that va- lues her peace, and lays any stress upon the happiness of an agreement with which it inust needs be next to a miracle, if she has any such happiness ? * pray Tet me go on it: I came back with her a Jdlned . Does hi not keep her a coach, and give her leave to give her own liveries, and go where, and do what she will ^ Does V"/^' «^ ^'^*' * 9"^^" • ^*^"* c**" she complain of? Her case, in a word, sister, is the very case our dear mother warned us'of ; and it is not £rd o tell you what she has to coraplait. B '9 k'es, said tlie is tlio aume V9 the eldt^st, 11^ the story: I I vva» loath (lii't, says the lie to iiear it, vould not y(JU 1 a one as slie ruly, for his I it is nothing ira mentioned jr. has very little re- he cen pretend to you are a Heathen eligious person, a Jan have no great ! rreeable h, « bands them, when we have them ° ^^ ^"*" deed orthi'Ji Mll^ * ^'"*' ™«"' handsome things in- one anotlier, bearing with one Another, v Sfnffas much as possible to one another, and tl e like tl.f hinderer^'"" ^'^'^^^ ^^^ P-^- mightn't nof hke r'"' ^""^ ""^^ ""' "'" ^^^^^^'-^^ that «he did K^^'^/.*™ ^"''® her mother and I liked it • biit«hp behaved herself so simply about it the next H«v If * r II rs Hir. lot only never pray- e they scarcely ever "es, but looked upon ihcaus, and such as I ; but I hope there where religion is so tn, says he, it may r U8 to se^k out for obeairreeablehus- m. I can give many in- stances where sucli matters do very well. Pretty well, you should have said ; and I know where you are going to name a family. itbriuk^ ^^f "^ ""^ all the rest of the l^^J ^''^^'^Y' ^'^'^tever we do sounaiterru Dted th«Mt^ ''''^'''? and from him too ; thouuh she loves him to an ex- Jremity ; and, to give him his due, merits all her af- jection ; yet, as she is a very sober religious woman. "' '^''''''} «™ «••'" in '"y opfnion ; you mv riinr "^Z?

you fall upon^the wl ol'^io VS^^^^ 'f^f '««t ^'^^^'•' ^^'^t good enougli for you ' ''*^''^ "'»» nothhi " t Ue estate be but Jin SLi^ie Jme'! lier, who had le coaelj back ling, was very jrsi; tliey had dm one story was that all? I33 ed hinn with ill manners ; for hfl nwn« th^ «« * to tfmt himself: but how are you su Te oh ^TTK It .9 he ? I have had the^tory sava l' er Sthl'r' irom herhusbund, who is areatlv i^k./J^t I -.^^ he named his name to rne.^nork US fn n S *"•* that I knew any thing of him ^ '" *''" '^"'' Truly, says the eldest, I am very slad of It fn- i • other objection against him h S LTx ''c ^'^'^ "^ be wlfat hef wifl.^"wi/v Ho'^''srv«'M"''? I know nnt ™i,„* * flay to it says the father; let i rest a9 it is ? oncerned whether the thing to weigh »ther, where there )in. 11 agreed: that is your heads about ill be a dreadful a way to prevent is, a8 I told you ; for if he is not uion ; and so we this ; for I take uppose he should such a thing ; I in the fashion of )rit. andsome things in- enerally took upon us wives, or to see irried were not too nd especially that ivoinen had religi- as much as lay* in lions to agree with other, yielding as ind the like, that, era might not be ourse that she did liked it ; but she benext day, that and he declined ! I sup- Sose you mean our cousin Martha , and our friend ames ; one a strict churchwoman, and the other a Quaker. Well, suppose I did mean those; they live very comfortably, and love one another very well. I am ^lud you have named them, because I would argue from the best example you can give. ' *"*^ ^^^'^ i'^^e is •uieirupiea, tnat it does make up abuudai nee of w (1 I 182 RBLIQIOU8 COURTSHIP. Other things : yet here, I say it makes up no inter- vals I can ass Hre you of it ; nay. what a hie she lives ; she can scarcely ever talk to Imim T^ -w "f ^''^' Ihs Lyini^ been soraethi,,- more her on those occasions than ordinary. And does he not give her all the li- berty and freedom in the world ? It is true, he is a man of too good a humour to deny or restrain her in tohe'r^Jo'h^nhf ^'^^^-^^'-^^^ ^"' '' '« a sad thin S to her to be obliged to instruct and caution her chil- n.ij;.? peuvent itre film As A des taux da reduction diff«rents. Why, what if I had not; said I; I had been but the more suit ble to you, and you must have liked me the better for that. I have considered it so far as to see that T ran i^^'^thmg in it any farther; I cannot en ernto" debate about principles; tell 'him what ray o Son h L^f'^ ? t'.^m ^^ oerore- "..«ui uui seitieraent: tnat's the father's nm sure my lather won't bring a Heathen to me : o„"7i .■ " *^ ''"'-'' ^"d that is our misery, that aq T said before, we have not a father to concmi h mself n that part for us; but I do not think it sucian wa^T'oth;:"? atf£,ra^LZ'', Zfer/et"a%'o7ot V^^^ Iea«"'gr„''„"'d'? „'';i't''.' I Wt rf" ' ""^ "»' '"« ticp- hnt/f T '• ^^o'''^ doliii D 80 much iriius- about u' '„3 Ifhto T' ' ""."'"^ »"S words. Lorsque le document est trop grand pour Atre reproduit en un seul clich*. He returned, no, Madum, just the cont'iry ; for, though I own I had not thought of reiijiion myself, yet had any woman told me so of herself, I should presently have said, she was no match for a gentleman ; for no man can be so void of sense, as well as of religion, as not to know, that a woman of no religion is no woman fit to make a wife of: and this, says he, convinced me, that you were in the right to refuse me on that account. It was a very ingenuous acknowledgement, I confess : the truth of it is so convincing, that I wish all the I oung women, who have their settlementtt in [PART Z. P"''«tant Church ot-E id' L elbli's h Wla Vi'' °"'^ "'"""' "'■ J2»8'''"1 '"M l.ypocrit! Igg husband; but I do say you cannot go comibrtablv t Jirough the journey thither without him nor Z Without you. s"d^r S"thrf '' '"^'^ ^^""^' '^'^'' hav Ty"outn' i^i* y! ^/"'" ^''^^ ^'« "Pi"i«" is, and try before- hand, whether tti Pv ao T«« A^. "^ •'""""gilt in 80 many hn Sd'pr„t ""' "'■' """ »""'' " 1"«'i™ for an haf t «„'/h„ra!? Why, that's true, say the eldest sister ; but what must be done then ? says she, let it alone j let it rest, till we hear sometliing or other of it in the ordinary way of such thinjrs. Then, says the eldest, I am sure he never will rest, till he brings it about again j for he is strangely m- tent upon it. Lu't'lt'Vn*;f r'-PP'-e^ ^^^ ^o«ld ofitafterwardr ' *"** he might have talked ' it, S was 'h Jr'folly^. «/ " ' ^"♦^ " »» miser- • rale, M lie has doiie'^ if ?? treiiiely anxious to know what ailed her, but she could not speak ; she was unwilling to gheve him and unwilling to say any thing that was unkind -he pressed her a long time, and said a thousld tender kmd things, that I hardly expected from him; but that made her cry the more. I would let out mv blood to do her d K'^/ 'w»'^' ^"°T' ' ^'" '''^ at nith1ng\'o' her te'. .»*'' ^"•*^ ^^^ "^Z'^'^'' ^'^"t to the church, nor he Z^tlr^^^^.} »*'? but kind- aess aiiu uuucuoa oeiweea tiiem ail this wiiile. Secondly, That, if it is so, he has made no step towards me, and perliaps never may ; and you know, sister, continued she, it is no business of mine till he does. says the eldest, for J»e is always talking to me about it. says the other, give the same answer to him from me as I do to you. rc',ii•^.ff•a S£ of rav opinion T will h^ "i" "o'^ee , lor it he is not will nev^^IJa;;, any strife^ ^'' '^'"•°"' «"^ '^ ""^ be a Papist? then, he observed how pleasant and agreeable a religious life whs, how it was religion alone that made life happy, families pleasant, .society agreeable, IIP. • about religion, ind don't you re- 1 sister, when you I modesty, and so more becoming? ive pleased you with the mean- Jnsisted chiefly knowledge and the world, to (s, and of all we se or abuse of t and agreeable non alone that ;iety agreeable, 4 DIAL. havin^ l^r%^'^' P""' a religious conversation i Vhi« S^ religious wife, government of it as it Tni Je J^td ""^^' '"^ * '^"«'«"« have''Ld'^.t'wi? a veri l^n„l^^^^ ^l''^ '«"^'0"« know; whereas/our fool Lh LS^ ^"""^^ ** «"y I ned a rake ; a fellow of no rd Sn'.^«"/-^' ^"*'"«'" able almost as it is oosiihi- ? She could hold no onger then, but burst out into tears; he w^ ej! "'''\*'"'^.^*l''""i^'''^ ^^"^'-^'^ be avoided: but U took up the whole afternoon to restore them to one fn ?! Her husband is as religious too in his way as she is n her 9 : but, as there is no harmony or concurrence in their principles and ways of worship, so there can with'h P;r^l;''f'*^ ^'^""'^' "^''^' «« doe« notjoi S with her, nor she cannot join with him : so allthe s't S«n Hl*"™"y/^"^i4' ^''^ glo'-y o*' a marred state and the comfort of family society, is entirely ir^'un'Jlfid S''"'!

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