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Simmons went bad cop on Sam, threatening him with life imprisonment and revealing Mikaela's criminal record.Just as Simmons demanded answers about aliens, Prime intercepted the convoy, and the Autobots totally outclassed the agents.After he found the glasses, government agents arrived.Their leader, Agent Simmons, took Sam and Mikaela into custody, separating Sam from his parents.Some police came and arrested him, and an overzealous cop, believing him to be a junkie, called him "50 Cent".Once he returned home, Satan's Camaro arrived, and Sam fled ignominiously on his mother's pink bike.After throwing Sam onto a nearby vehicle, the cop car demanded the location of Sam's e Bay items, but Sam fled and ran into Mikaela.The Camaro arrived and took them to a power plant, where the two cars fought it out while Sam was chased by a spastic abomination who pantsed him.

While driving, Sam had shotgun, but Mikaela refused to sit in the driver's seat. Mikaela then asked if the robot was so advanced, then why did he turn into a piece of crap Camaro? As Sam lamented how four thousand dollars had driven off, the car returned as a 2009 Camaro.After getting an undeserved A- for his genealogy report, Sam went with his father to buy a car.Though they passed a Porsche car lot, Ron was actually playing a cruel joke on his son.The lead robot, after inquiring about Sam's identity, introduced himself as Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, autonomous robotic lifeforms from a planet known as Cybertron.Prime introduced Jazz, his first lieutenant; Ironhide, his weapons expert; and Ratchet, their medical officer (who claimed that Sam's pheromone level indicated that he wanted to mate with Mikaela, embarrassing both teens); and identified the Camaro as Bumblebee, Sam's appointed guardian.

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Let’s be honest, the internet is really just a super elaborate and sophisticated farce designed to distract you from having your pockets picked by greasy conmen in cheap suits, right?

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No matter your age, gender or appearance, it’s never too early to get in touch with someone you find appealing.

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Images are automatically generated from the videos.

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Since 2004, the city has hosted the annual International Film Festival which serves as a showcase for Arab film making talent.[169] Musicians Amr Diab, Diana Haddad, Tarkan, Aerosmith, Santana, Mark Knopfler, Rick Ross, Elton John, Pink, Shakira, Celine Dion, Coldplay, Keane, Phil Collins, Kavita Krishnamurthy, A R Rahman, and Roxette[170] have performed in the city.[161] Kylie Minogue was reportedly paid .5 million to perform at the opening of the Atlantis resort on 20 November 2008.[171] The Desert Rock Festival is also another major festival consisting of heavy metal and rock artists.