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was a breakout hit when it debuted in 2000, averaging 20 million viewers by the end of Season 1 and ranking among TV’s top 10 shows.

In her teen years, she spent her summer vacations working at a meat packing plant where her father had a job.

When I first started working on it, I was kind of scared of the cruelty, because I just can’t imagine doing that to someone. ” Unless you’re just so ambitious, so cut off, so desperate. HELGENBERGER: When we were still in rehearsals, I was freaked out. ” and Kyle Donnelly, the director, goes, “You can’t expect them to like you.” It’s not that I really expected that, but it goes against everything about me, because I can’t imagine doing anything like that to anybody, and just as an actor, you do kind of want to be liked. I don’t think she’s as bad as her brothers, who have spent decades cheating people, and treating people poorly, and being dishonest. I can recall it right now in my mind, just how nasty it was. He keeps saying, “Oh, everything’s rigged.” Yeah, the system’s rigged for corporations. People say, “It won’t be any better with her,” with “her” being Hillary Clinton.

She’s got this anger that’s been built up for years and years and years, because of not getting any kind of inheritance. A friend of mine came to the show the other night, and she brought a friend of hers who I didn’t know. I was thrown back, I said, “Yeah, she’s a pretty cruel person.” She was kind of freaked out by it. On the other hand, villains are kind of fun to play. They did do a lot of things like that, they kind of pushed the envelope. I have a boyfriend, but he doesn’t particularly like to do the kind of travel I like to do. They allow you all these deductions, and allow you to get away with not paying your fair share. They think it’ll be the same, and I’m going, “ You really think somebody who wants to build a wall to keep Mexicans out, who wants to have a ban on Muslims entering this country” — the list goes on and on — “is better or the same as Hillary Clinton?

I don't think of her as a guilty pleasure anymore - she's an outright pleasure" (In Style magazine, Sept/2006).

We had a murder taking place at a foam party...which once again made me feel so old...

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During her college days, she played soccer and softball.