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The most linguistically well-grounded and widely accepted is from the Proto-Balto-Slavic root *mŭzg-/muzg- from the Proto-Indo-European *meu- "wet", hence it was one of a few Slavic ū-stem nouns.As with other nouns of that declension, it had been undergoing a morphological transformation at the early stage of the development of the language, as a result the first written mentions in the 12th century were , Moskva, which is a result of morphological generalisation with the numerous Slavic ā-stem nouns.

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Moscow is the northernmost and coldest megacity and metropolis on Earth.

The timber fort na Moskvě "on the Moscow river" was inherited by Daniel, the youngest son of Alexander Nevsky, in the 1260s, at the time considered the least valuable of his father's possessions.

Daniel was still a child at the time, and the big fort was governed by tiuns (deputies), appointed by Daniel's paternal uncle, Yaroslav of Tver.

Daniel came of age in the 1270s and became involved in the power struggles of the principality with lasting success, siding with his brother Dmitry in his bid for the rule of Novgorod.

From 1283 he acted as the ruler of an independent principality alongside Dmitry, who became Grand Duke of Vladimir.

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It asked two of the sharpest young businessmen around town to investigate the Gaspereau River as a power source. Wright, a capable and popular building contractor, and Roy A. Wright and Jodrey's hydroelectric generating plant at Stivers Falls, White Rock, Kings County, began to operate on February 25, 1920. Title I of the Public Utility Act of 1935 is known as the Public Utilities Holding Company Act of 1935 (PUHCA). Bangor Hydro now is required to purchase power from outside sources to provide electricity to standard-offer customers in its territory.

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Swift was the sole writer of her 2010 album, Speak Now.

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ferociously speak out against terrorism, without qualifications, and without respect for authority — whether it’s committed by the relatively powerless, or those with obscene amounts of power.

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It's been a great year and with a little sadness we say this will be our last snow report of the season.