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From this point of \new one can well understand the frequency of the symbol Aft on tombstones ; for, when experience had proved that the belief in Christ's imminent Parousia was a mistaken one, the hopes of Christians would natur- ally be transferred to the life beyond the grave. Even so, in Greek legend, Aristaeus becomes a god by having nectar and ambrosia dropped upon his lips by deities (Pindar, Pythian, ix. The exposure was carried out by placing the child under a tree or committing it to the waves in a rude boat (Grimm, Eechtsalterthiimer, p. In the Yajur Veda mention is made of exposing female children and of lifting up a son * (Zimmer, Altindisches Leben, p. Among most tribes, however primitive, even amongst the natives of Australia, it is the father that decides whether a child is to be reared or not, though he is not infrequently beguiled by the mother (Lumholtz, Among Cannibals, p. (4) Superstitious reasons may be of various kinds : an oracle, as in the case of CEdipus, that the child will be dangerous to his sire ; a dream, either of the mother, as in the case of Paris, whose mother dreamt that she had been delivered of a firebrand which consumed Troy ; or of some other relative, as in the case of Cyrus, founder of the Persian Empire, who was exposed by the orders of his maternal grandfather, Astyages, because Astyages dreamt that his daughter gave birth to a deluge Avhich flooded, and afterwards to a vine which overshadowed, all Asia (Herod, i. In modern India, till recently, a child was exposed if it happened to be born on a certain day which the professional astrologer declared to be unlucky (Dubois and Beauchamp, Hindu Manners^, p. In many countries twins are looked upon as ill- omened. Exposure is sometimes employed in order to avert continuous misfortune. 554 f., 546 tf.), he traced his spiritual descent to the illustrious suf Is Shihab ad-Din 'Umar as-Suhrawardi and Muhyi ad-Din ibn_ 'Arabi. In spite of the protests of Heloise that 'Abelard was created for mankind, and should not be sacri- ficed for the sake of a single woman,' Abelard privately married the woman he had seduced, and, when the secret was out, removed her to the convent of Argenteuil, the discipline of which was very lax. The abbey was poor in resources, shameless in its depravity ; the monks unscrupulous in their determination to get rid of any reformer. He struck out a theory which to-day we should call Conceptualism, midway between the Nominalism of Roscelin and the crude Realism of William of Cham- peaux. 1 ; Compayr^'s Abelard and the Origin of Universities (1893) is altogether misnamed; M'Cabe's Peter Abilard (1901) is the work of a partisan ; the chapter in Cotter Morison's St. In German : Deutsch, Peter Abdlard (Leipzig, 1883), has gfiven us a thorough criticism of Abelard's theology which may be compared by the student with that in R6musat. Of the works of Abelard we have the following editions : Migne, PL v. (1855), but without the Tractatus de Unitate et Trinitate, first pub Ushed by Stolzle (Freiburg, 1891). 375 of Migne's edition there is an amazing suppression of ' what would shock Catholic ears.' Migne's edition contains the Sic et Non first edited in full by Henke and Lindenkohl (Marburg, 1851), as also all the works of 'ibelard, for the first editing of which we are indebted to Victor Cousin ; Ouvrages inedits d'Abilard (Paris, 1836), and the later Petri Abcelardi Opera, ed. Of the nature of these latter we have no exact information, and they were probably not of much importance. But the former was soon afterwards restored to its previous position, and throughout the long history of Ceylon main- tained its pre-eminence. And whereas mastery of these two was held to establish the expert in sila and saviddhi respectively (that is, in conduct and meditation), knowledge of Abhidhamma involved the develop- ment of pafmd, — constructive imagination and comprehension, — which ranked among the highest virtues. 22 ABHISBKA golden vessels (or one of them golden), filled with water of various special kinds, honey, milk, clari- fied butter, udumbara shoots, and other very mis- cellaneous ingredients. 9, 10), and, of course, the officiating Brahmans receive their daksinds. Sitting behind the seat with his right knee bent to the ground, the king takes hold c Mt with both hands and invites the gods to ascend it, in order that he may after them ascend it ' for royalty, paramountcy, etc. What sim- plification of descriptive formulae the future has in store for us no one can predict.

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