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Both training methods result in more strength, but WRD is more effective for increasing muscle mass (greater Cross Sectional Area).

In the end, chains and elastic bands are smart, easy, cheap and fun.

Olympic weightlifting is not; it is a speed-strength sport that does not build explosive power.

Maximal strength is developed at low velocity by producing high force.

Accentuation This is training only in the range of a main sport movement that requires max strength.

The legs, arms, and trunk start with no motion, accelerate, and then decelerate.

Now, let’s get into the methods of accommodating resistance Peak Contraction Maximal effort is at the weakest point of the strength curve (e.g., when using the pec deck and leg press).

Resistance Method Combinations Hill’s equation of muscle contraction states that weights at high velocity produce small force, whereas low velocity against max effort produces the highest force rating.

Thus, accentuation trains only in the strongest position, not the weakest.

Accommodating Resistance You must train with the correct amount of tension throughout the entire range of movement.

This was then reduced and band tension added to yield a top (lockout) of 750 pounds and through band shrinkage the weight on the box was 550 pounds.

(All Westside squats off boxes are at parallel.) Band tension pulling on the bar resulted in a faster eccentric phase of 0.57 seconds and the concentric phase was 0.54 seconds, thus .3 seconds faster and an additional 200 pounds through the range of motion.

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