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In the horizontal section of the shafts that leads into the chamber, Dixon found three small relics: a small bronze hook; a portion of 'cedar-like' wood, and a granite ball [8]. Edwards in 1946 and through the years by numerous other pyramid specialists, the 'Dixon' relics were never mentioned and their existence apparently forgotten [10]. However, probably because of the distraction caused by the Tutankhamun Exhibition, the Dixon Relics were stored and forgotten. He was astonished to find that the northern shaft had been probed (probably by the Dixons) with a metal rod (assembled in sections by metal sleeves), the remains of which could be still seen in the shaft.

The relics were packed in a wooden cigar box and taken to England by John Dixon, Waynman's older brother, also an engineer. The only person, as far as I can make out, who mentioned these relics after they were published in December 1872 in Nature and The Graphic was the astronomer Piazzi Smyth (see below). In September 1993, having come across a comment by Piazzi Smyth in one of his books [11], I decided to find out where the Dixon Relics were. The metal rod had been pushed some 24 meters deep into the shaft until it reached a place where the shaft turned sharply towards the west, forming almost a right-angled corner.

Zahi Hawass, the In 1946 a British Chemist, Herbert Cole, who had been stationed with the British Armed Forces in Egypt, was called upon to arrange for the fumigation of the Second Pyramid at Giza, which had been closed during the war.

Cole set up his equipment within the Pyramid to fix the legs of the many extractor fans into the open joints of the original limestone blocks.

The actual size of the plate was estimated to have been 26 x 26 cm., which is roughly the same size of the shaft's mouth, which in turn suggests that the iron plate possibly had served as some sort of cover or gate to the shaft's mouth. Spencer at the British Museum, but neither seemed to have heard of these relics. Mary Bruck, the biographer of Piazzi Smyth [12], I traced Piazzi Smyth's personal diary at the Edinburgh Observatory and found his entry on the relics dated 26 November 1872, as well as private letters he had received from John Dixon at the time.

El Gayar and Jones also pointed out that the plate's dimension of 26 x 26 cm. Through these documents I then traced the articles published in Nature and The Graphic. Vivian Davies, the curator of the Egyptian Antiquities at the British Museum.

Vivian Davies to see if he could arrange for a Carbon 14 testing. Yet why were the entrances not seen by Diodorus in c. It is known, however, with certainty, that the Khafre pyramid was also entered by the Arabs, possibly in the 13th century AD via a roughly hewn tunnel cut into the north face of the monument above the original upper entrance [21].

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For example, it is reported by Abu Szalt, a medieval Arab chronicler from Spain, that when the Caliph Ma'amoun entered the Great Pyramid for the first time in the 9th century and made his way to sarcophagus in the King's Chamber, 'the lid was forced opened, but nothing was discovered excepting some bones completely decayed by time.'[2].

In late 1945 or early 946 Herbert Cole was asked to arrange for the fumigation of the Khafre pyramid. Michael:"The fumigation was carried out by the use of Hydrogen Cyanide pumped under pressure to ensure access into all the fissures etc.

Extraction units were installed During the installation of these units, which entailed the insertion of supports into some of the gaps between the pyramid blocks, a sliver of wood and a piece of bone which has been identified as part of a finger was extracted from between two of the blocks.

While doing so, he noticed that within one of the joints were jammed a few pieces of wood and the bone of a finger [15].

Cole retrieved the relics and took them back to England, where they remained in his home in Buckinghamshire till his death in 1993. Michael Cole, who had read about the Dixon Relics in my book The Orion Mystery, decided to get in touch with me, and mailed me the 'finger' and a piece of the wood on the 5th October 1998.

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